oops I’ve been inactive again


i DO have some drawings I’ve been doing of the Blackrock trio (thats right - TRIO!) that I’ll be releasing later on in the week!

featuring… HUMAN TEEP! 

the character design I made for him is really cute okay im blushing while drawing him I kid you not (/∇\*)。o○♡

  · Sorry for the inactivity lately!

But I’ve big news ((:

I was accepted into OCADU!! I’m so happy~~~~~~ 

That means one great big weights been lifted off of this chest >.< I’ll be able to have more time to draw!

I’m going to try and finish all the requests I’ve been sent on DeviantART first before continuing with some more YOGSarts. I’m planning on doing something with Kim next (: shes sososo cute!

I also spent the last two weeks watching Sips’ entire Skyrim playthrough welp. I loved it and I hope hope hope he continues o(≧▽≦)o !!!